About Us

Fairview Manor is a city owned, not for profit nursing home and has been in operation since 1973. The home is managed locally by individuals who are interested in the care  and well being of those who choose to call Fairview Manor home.

Fairview Manor accepts payment from Medicaid, Medicare, Private Pay, and Private Insurance. We also have a contract with the Veteran's Administration that allows us to care for veterans that qualify for VA services. Fairview Manor offers the most competitive rates around. These rates include many of the 'extra' expenses that other facilities charge for. Being a not for profit, we are able to keep our rates lower.

We have a variety of rooms to suit the needs of all residents. We have both companion bedrooms and private bedrooms. Our private bedrooms consist of two different sizes, regular and deluxe.

Our Houses

Our home is now divided into two small houses. Each house consists of a living room, dining room, and a kitchen area. Each household also has its own staff.  

The Care Partners, the Homemakers, and our Household Coordinators work in the same household each day. This arrangement is a very important part of our house. The purpose of this consistent staffing is to allow the residents and the staff to form meaningful relationships with each other.  

Relationships are what gives meaning and purpose to life, and at Fairview Manor we strive to give our residents a great quality in life.

The Look of our Home

We are continually looking for ways to de-institutionalize the look of our home. Our Nursing Home is home to our Elders, and our goal is to make it look and feel as much like home as possible. Over the past couple of years, other nursing homes have come to Fairview Manor to see our home. They are seeking out information and ways to change their facilities into home. We hope you will come and see what makes our home different from other nursing homes.

Meals at Fairview Manor

Fairview Manor offers a meal service that allows our residents choice. The change in the meal plan was done in order to accommodate the needs of all our residents. For instance, with the meal plan, the residents can choose when they want to get up. Some of our residents are early risers, and others like the luxury of sleeping in. At Fairview Manor, you are given this choice. We offer an open breakfast in the morning from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. that is made to order, the residents can choose off of a menu what they want for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are served buffet style and residents can choose what they want off of the buffet. No matter what meal, there is always something good to eat.