come home to Fairview Manor

It's All About Choice at Fairview Manor. At Fairview Manor, we have been working to make changes in our home that will improve the quality of life of our Residents.

In our Home, we have made adjustments that allow our Residents more choice and control. In a traditional nursing home the Residents have to conform to a schedule set by the nursing home. At Fairview Manor, we are putting into place different practices that promote Residents choice and allow the Residents to  choose their own  schedule. Read More »

Creating a Life Worth Living

Nationwide, Nursing Homes are changing the way they operate. They are engaging in a process called Culture Change. Did you know Fairview Manor in Fairmont is the area leader in culture change? Fairview Manor has created an environment in which Residents thrive and have control over their schedules. Residents are considered part of our family, and staff strives hard to provide them with what they need to have a quality life. At Fairview Manor, we try to provide those living at our home with opportunities to grow. Whether it is participating in a unique activity that will provide them with a new experience, or participating in a lifelong activity of theirs, we love to watch our Residents enjoying themselves.

Resident-Centered Care

Person-Centered Care means that the Residents are put first. One would think that the Residents  should always come first, but in a traditional nursing home, the majority of the  daily operational activities and decisions are centered around staff and operational efficiency. This type of system often puts the Resident's needs and preferences at the bottom of the list. In a Person-centered environment, The Resident is thought of at all times and their well-being is evaluated no matter what decision is being made.